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01-07-2018 In the frameworks of the ,,Learn and Practice Democracy'' Project, Students debate competition finale was held at the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. 4 finalist debate-teams from Simerlo, Gori, Bolnisi and Surami participated in the competition. #12 public school of Gori won the victory and was handed the cup. In total more than 250 students and their teachers were involved in the debate competitions. The Project is financed by the International Visegrad fund and co-supported by the Government of the Netherlands

 In the frame works of the project ,, Learn and Practice Democracy'' Sharing European Experience in Interactive Teaching and Debates''
5 day long students summer camp was held in Patardzeuli training center.
In total 18 school students participated in the event, which was carried out by trainers from project partner organization DEMNET Hungary.
Youngsters who were selected during the debate competition semi-finals and finales, and as a result of the essay contests, had the opportunity to attended seminars delivered by v4 trainers on democracy and controversial issues,

Participants had chance to experience many practical exercises and innovative techniques from Forum theatre methodology.
The camp facilitated the exchange of views and ideas between the young people it also promoted the establishment of friendship and space for the new youth initiatives.
The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the Government of the Netherlands.

Civitas Georgica is non commercial, not for profit association established in Georgia in 1996 in order to assist transformation processes in Caucasus region.
02-09-2010 Pre-school education in Georgia - Polish Know-How
The case describes the application of Plish Know-How in area of Pre-School education in Georgia conducted by Civitas Georgica in partnership with "EUKATOR"

30-08-2010 Citizen Self-Confidence Building
This case describes citizen participation initiatives in small provincial towns Ambrolauri and Ozurgeti.

23-07-2008 Ethics Code of Behavior of Electoral Candidates
Behavior of political parties and independent candidates during elections and in pre-election period is often scandalous. Candidates try to win points by insulting and slandering their political opponents.


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